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China's five mold industry development momentum optimistic about the export prospects

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1, mechanism conversion accelerated, the structure becomes more reasonable

In order to adapt to the situation, the mold industry in our country has accelerated the pace of system reform and mechanism conversion in recent years. The "three sources" and private-owned enterprises have taken the leading position in the industry, and the equipment and product levels have been greatly improved, and the management has been greatly improved . Many enterprises have applied CAD / CAM / CAE integration technology, 3D design technology, information management technologies such as ERP and IM3, and many high-tech technologies such as high-speed processing, rapid prototyping, virtual simulation and network technology. Through a variety of quality system certification enterprises more than a year.

2, the scale of economic benefits, the rapid development of clusters

At the same time that the specialization of "small and fine specialized" is continuously developing, in recent years, the scale effect has been given more attention. In addition to making enterprises bigger and bigger and making economies of scale come into effect, the production of mold clusters constantly shows their superiority. Therefore, various forms of cluster production such as "Mold City", "Mold Park" and "Mold Production Base" Rapid development. At present, there are more than 40 enterprises with an annual output of more than 100 million yuan. More than 200 enterprises have more than 30 million yuan. Nearly 50 mold cities (parks) have certain influence. These mold gathering production base construction, the development of China's mold industry has played a positive role in promoting.

3, pay attention to brand patents, strengthen innovation and development

Many enterprises are beginning to recognize the importance of "brand" and "patent", and the capital investment and capability of independent innovation continue to increase. For a long time mold has been in the "rear" and "passive" position, so there are very few "brand" and "patent." With the development of market economy, enterprises pay more and more attention to "brand" and "patent" in recent years. Some companies have realized the importance of innovation and R & D, investment increased rapidly. According to China Mold Industry Association learned that in recent years, many companies in innovation and R & D investment and sales revenue ratio of about 5%, individual companies even reached 8% to 10%.


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