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Analysis on the Future Development of Gear Mold Industry in China

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Plastic gear applications in the gear industry will be more and more become a worldwide trend. However, at present, middle and low gear mold can be produced in the country, high-end gear mold and more rely on imports. Domestic specialized gear mold factory not much, mostly by the gear factory do their own gear mold. In the scope of application of gear mold plastic gear mold demand is relatively large, the market has great potential.
Industry experts put forward the future development of the three major strategies:

First, to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure; in the future development, gear mold industry should pay more attention to the strategic adjustment of its product structure, so that the structure of complex, high-precision high-end mold to get faster development. At the same time, the mold industry should also closely follow the needs of the market to develop. No product demand, product replacement, there is no mold industry's technological progress, there will be no mold products on the scale, on the grade. The level of mold technology, to a large extent determines the quality of products, benefits and new product development capabilities.

Second, to speed up the implementation of industry standards; At present, the processing of gear molds neither national standards nor ready-made industry standards, especially in plastic gear molds. Technical standards is a more open standard, and product standards are very difficult to do together, to consider the gear die experimental standards, precision standards, test equipment standards and many other aspects.

Third, to enhance the density of cooperation between industries; the development of modern industry is a collaborative relationship, the gear mold industry is equally important. This kind of cooperation is firstly the direct cooperation in the field of industry research. For example, several universities are engaged in integrated research and cooperation in researching the power of gear molds, concentrated gear industry and some university research institutes, doing some workmanship and equipment, and plastic inner deformation law.

At the same time, from the perspective of the whole industry, the voice of the gear mold is very small, and in a spontaneous state, and the establishment of the relevant professional associations precisely is to change this situation. This is to focus on discussing and resolving the small modulus gear production problems, thereby promoting the development of the domestic precision gear mold industry.
In gear industry, plastic gear industry in particular, the development trend of the domestic response to market changes is not yet keen, supporting research is difficult to keep up with market demand, the domestic precision gear mold still need to gear the world development level.


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